Welcome to Keep Up, Kids! What are we keeping up with? Glad you asked.

This Substack is for anyone who loves culture (TV, movies, books, podcasts, etc) but sometimes finds the sheer volume of Great Stuff difficult to keep up with. I watch/read/listen to so much stuff for work (and because I like it) that I’m constantly recommending things to everyone I talk to. I have eclectic tastes, so no doubt you’ll find a few things that sound right up your alley – and maybe even try out others that you wouldn’t otherwise have given a chance!

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I watch a lot of TV for work. I read a lot of books for work. I listen to a lot of podcasts for work. You get the idea. Since I'm constantly recommending stuff to everyone I know, I'm recommending it to you, too.


Kate Thorman

Professional storyteller. American in London. Big fan of walking between eating.